Hosting a Holiday Brunch on a Budget

To know me is to know that I absolutely love hosting social events for friends. It’s a labor of love, but when it all comes together I’m just as happy (and sometimes tipsy) as can be! And call me corny, but I loooove a theme! I’m laughing to myself right now because I can hear my friends saying, “You know Jenn loves a theme!” Yes, I do. And I own it proudly, thank you. 😆

So with the holidays approaching I definitely wanted to gather the gals for a Favorite Things Party. I asked my girl Bridgette to co-host and we immediately started talking fabulous decorations, pricing cases of Veuve, and Pinterest boards. Our minds went straight to doing the absolute most. What can I say– we’re extra 💁‍!

But we reeled it back in and decided on something fabulous, but budget friendly: a Holiday Brunch. Sometimes I shy away from the B word (budget), because it can make people think “bootleg” and “janky”. Strike that from your mind right now– we’re giving you pure fabulosity for the low low. Here’s how we did it:

1. Theme – We chose Favorite Things, but of course there is Ugly Sweater, Dirty Santa, and others. Just pick a theme that will build up excitement with your guests and be the main activity for your gathering.

2. Venue – Choose a venue that will accommodate your party size and also have their own holiday décor throughout; so you basically hired a party decorator for free! We chose to host our brunch at the Artisan Beach House in the Ritz. Our guests were all welcomed with the luxury Ritz service and directed through their beautifully decorated lobby to our party; immediately putting our girls in the Christmas spirit. It was perfect. Oh, and the view– the view was amazing.

3. Party Favors – It’s not the holidays without gifts, so have a favor that doubles as table décor to save on buying a lot of extra decorations. Our favors were personalized curated beauty samples for each guest that doubled as their place card. It was like your own mini-Birchbox with a bow there to greet you! Hostesses, you don’t have to spend crazy on the gifts. Add in some thoughtfulness, like personalization, and a little will go a long way.

holiday brunch

4. Table Decoration – Along with the favors we (read Bridgette) made flower arrangements and a spray for the table. Nothing adds class like fresh flowers. Yes, flowers can be expensive, but just a couple arrangements will make a huge difference when placed strategically. We spent less than $100 on flowers! It can be done! Check us out admiring our final brunch table below before our guests arrived 🙂

5. Bottomless Mimosas – Duh! It’s the holidays and what’s a holiday party without spirits?! Exactly. Use your hostess powers to encourage everyone to drink up! I can tell you that the Christmas tree wasn’t the only thing lit that day. 😆 lol

Follow these basic tips and you’ll have a great holiday brunch & still have money left for Christmas shopping!


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