Brunch Bunch was born…

Chatting away with a friend one afternoon, we got on the topic of how difficult it is to tap into new networks and make new connections as an adult. Both being transplants to the city, we figured other Miami newbies must have the same problem. Then we randomly started brainstorming solutions for how we could make some new fun and interesting friends. We had a little colorful banter and then BAM it hit me– the perfect idea

And then I left it. I left my idea right there in that conversation and went on with my typical busy life.

But for some reason the idea wouldn’t leave me. Caught up in the hustle bustle of my day to day, the idea would come creeping back in my mind. I’d start thinking about more details and then shake it away to re-focus on the task in front of me. Then one day it came skipping back into my thoughts and it finally hit me that this was an idea I wasn’t supposed to leave. God put it on my mind and my heart to pursue and that makes me charged and energized to see it through.

Brunch Bunch is an app that helps connect people over awesome dining experiences. Users will get out and explore their city by joining new faces at great restaurants during the best ever casual dining hour– brunch!

Please join me as I start this journey from idea to successful mobile app launch in 2018. Thank you in advance for your support. Please feel free to reach out and please, please, please drop your e-mail at Brunch Bunch App Launch. I PROMISE— no spammy e-mails just info on when we’re ready to launch and download.

Thanks a brunch!  -Jennifer

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